Just to say newborns need lots of love. They cry for a reason and the best way to support them is to pick them up and give them some love. This can be exhausting and you will often be advised not to because baby will just get used to it and you will spoil them and you are making a rod for your own back.

But listen to your instinct.

And consider baby has just come from a very warm enclosed secure space. He could hear your bodily noises and hear your heart beat so for a few short weeks he is going to feel quite insecure at times and need to know you are still around.


You won’t spoil him, his brain is not yet programmed to be able to recognise what he likes or doesn’t. With lots of love and attention his brain will grow rapidly and he will start to feel more secure when lying in his cot or in his baby chair or simply on the floor.


White noise is also a calming noise so if you need a shower, or go to the loo or just have a hot drink un tune you radio or tv and let baby hear it. Or sing to him, no matter what your voice is like he will love it.

Try it and see.


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