Birth & Beyond

I just want to say that following a visit I had today I want to urge parents to try and learn basic life support for babies. Hopefully you may never need to use it but for one family over the weekend it allowed them to save their very young baby’s life.

Bliss the charity for premature babies do a very good free  DVDs and there are some good demos on u tube  from St John’s Ambulance.

For Mums and Mums to be.

Please, no matter what your age or number of babies you have had, do your pelvic floor exercises.

When you have just given birth and are young you have many thoughts about nagging midwives and health visitors when they mention the pelvic floor. This is particularly so if you are relatively fit and have had no weak bladder or bowel symptoms BUT we all get old and so do our muscles!

imagine your uterus is like a balloon in your first pregnancy it takes time to stretch and grow as the baby does. Once baby is born that uterus like a balloon with no air shrinks back…… But never quite to its original size. The pelvic muscles around that uterus keep it and all the other bits, bowel, bladder ovaries and all the other tubes in place! Subsequent pregnancies stretch the uterus and all its supporting muscles again, after birth our after pains become stronger and even stronger in subsequent pregnancies because those muscles are worker harder to contract back into shape. This is helped by hormones and strong muscles. When we age and hormones change and if our muscles are un toned they will sag and everything they hold in place sags too! This is when sneezing , jumping jogging even laughing can cause embarrassing moments! This doesn’t have to be the case if we are just disciplined about doing the exercise or as I like to think of it the squeeze!

Its not something we need to go to the gym for we can do it any place any time and no one, only you knows!

Go to and search pelvic floor exercises

A motto for all women should be no tena pads required!

If however you do have problems which don’t resolve with pelvic floor exercises ask your health visitor or GP, please try not to be embarrassed its soooo common and too many women suffer in silence.