Be kind

I know we don’t live in a sugar crusted world and life is tough.

The internet is a wonderful gift and gives us access tto so much knowledge and connection with family and friends and even enemies all over the world at anytime of the day or night.

However sometimes I feel like we should switch it all off for a few moments and reflect on our day and how its gone, who we saw and interacted with. Was it all positive or did we argue or feel frustrated at any time. Did we consider how our actions would affect other peoples lives? In the old days when we had to wait to see a person make an effort to phone them or write them a note I believe we gave our selves more time to plan what we were going to say or do. Therefore I think we were more kind to ourselves and others and our feelings were more considered and possibly had more meaning.


Yes I have had a not so great day and I have witnessed the rush to blame and general poor consideration of actions and incredibly a complete lack of insight into the true meaning of working in a team.