Baby’s love water, you may not believe this at first but remember they/ we lived in fluid for 9 months.

When bathing baby never leave them. Try not to be tempted to use bath supports, firm hands under the shoulder light grip around the top of the arm you can reach and the other hand free to wash little one. Make the water deep so baby can have a relaxing dip, none us like lying in water that barely covers our legs!


Swimming, babies can go whenever parents feel ready to brave it, see page 13 of your guide to immunisations that the health visitor should give you. It is not true that babies need to have had their immunisations. Make sure the pool is baby friendly, that is warm, and be prepared to only spend a short time in the water initially, pools are noisy places. Go with partner or friend!


do courses nationally as do many local pools and clubs or just go and have fun at first. Buy swim nappies though!